Metal J Hooks

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  1. Cable J-Hook for Wall Mounting | Metal J-Hooks for Attaching to Vertical Surfaces
    As low as $130.27
  2. Heavy Duty Metal Batwing J-Hook for Cable & Wire Support - Hooks onto Threaded Rod & Ceiling Wire
    As low as $155.48
  3. J-Hook with 90 Degree Angle Clip - 1/4" hole
    As low as $152.34
  4. J-Hook with 90 Degree Angle Clip - 3/8" hole
    As low as $137.29
  5. J-Hook with Powder Actuated Pin for Attachment to Concrete
    As low as $163.01
  6. J-Hook with Knock-on Beam Clamp
    As low as $141.12
  7. J-Hook with Large Knock-on Beam Clamp
    As low as $148.49
  8. J-Hook with Rotating Knock-on Beam Clamp
    As low as $165.56
  9. J-Hook with Rotating Large Knock-on Beam Clamp
    As low as $166.99
  10. J-Hook with Screw-on Press Beam Clamp
    As low as $201.72
  11. J-Hook with Rotating Screw-In Press Beam Clamp
    As low as $201.72
  12. J-Hook with Spring Steel Beam Clamp
    As low as $191.54
  13. J-Hook with angle clip assembled to SSBC - Swivels 360 degrees
    As low as $193.30
  14. J-Hook with ¼"-20 Eye Coupling
    As low as $86.93 (Pk25)

14 Items

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Metal, Heavy Duty J Hooks

J hooks are an integral part of any cable support system. They are a hook shaped like a letter J (hence the name) and typically made out of galvanised steel or plastic polymers. They are popular for use as they are easy and quick to install.

They are ideally suited for non continuous cable support for any type of power, telecommunication, or data cabling. Several models of J hooks are also designed for fire protection or low voltage cabling, meeting required industry standards. It is important when using J hooks to ensure that the number of cables is within the J hooks fill capacity.

The ease with which plain J hooks can be installed makes them an economic and effective solution to support cables, particularly where space restrictions or confined areas might make other options such as raceways or cable support trays unusable. They can be mounted on a variety of different surfaces.

J hooks are designed with a wide base and all corners on the hook are smooth and rounded to prevent cables being snagged or damaged. Their shape helps to prevent stress points while supporting the cable. They also prevent the cable from being bent too severely, ensuring that the cable integrity is not affected.

J hooks can be used with fittings to be attached to walls, beams, ceilings, columns, and more. They are a cost effective solution to cable support that ensures a minimum of bending or stress for the cables being mounted. They provide a stable and secure support for any cables they are rated for.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any further questions or queries. We have extensive experience in the use of J hooks and would be happy to lend our expertise if you are curious to find out more about our products.