Lagmaster® Plus Retro Kit

LMP Base - Female base accepts all LMP plugs - Also acts as a 1/2" open ended female hex driver to install threaded rod w/ 1/2" hex screws
LMP Wire Plug SS - Installs I-Lag™ screws & Jack Chain - Loosen the Set Screw (SS) and remove the ring for Jack Chain installation
LMP 5/8 Plug - 5/8" open ended hex plug - Designed to install threaded rod with Sammy® Super Screws - Silver in appearance
LMP 5/8 Vertigo Plug - 5/8" open ended hex plug - Designed to install threaded rod with Powers® Vertigo Screws - Gold in appearance
LMP Viper Stud Plug - Threaded stud allows you to attach an older style Ramset® Viper or Powers® Sniper PAT tool - Does not work with the Viper 4
LMP 1/2 Square Plug - Universal 1/2" square socket driver with detent ball - Attach any socket with a 1/2 female square
LMP 1/2 NPT Plug - 1/2" National Pipe Thread Plug - use it to attach the following installation tools: VAFT, HOIT-AL, HOIT-S & J-Master
LMP BT Plug - Universal broom thread adapter - Turns your pole into a window cleaning, tree trimming, bulb changing all-in-one tool
LMP 1/4 Hex Plug - Female 1/4" hex - Accepts 1/4" male hex drivers and adapters
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LMP Retro Kit
9 Piece Retro Kit Converts Standard Lagmaster® to Lagmaster® Plus The LMP Retro Kit converts a standard Lagmaster®™ to a Lagmaster®™ Plus. The LMP's unique all-in-one patented plug-in system allows you to install multiple types of fasteners to a variety of ceiling structures.

Use the Lagmaster® Plus to install ceiling wire, jack chain, threaded rod, smooth rod and a variety of other fasteners from the ground.
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