I-Wedge Tool

Use the I-Wedge Tool to install I-Pins, Eye-Wedge Anchors and Powers' Tie-Wire Spike Anchors using the "hammer only" feature of an SDS Plus hammer drill.

Attaches to any SDS Plus Hammer Drill

Weighs .40 lbs.

In stock

1/4" I-Pin Anchor Installation Instructions

Required tools and fasteners: ODM, ODM-250, ODM I-Wedge, ODM-IP

Step 1. Drill a 1/4" hole in the concrete ceiling using an ODM (Overhead Drill Machine) and an ODM-250 1/4" x 1.25" HALT BIT.

Step 2. Remove the ODM-250 HALT bit and insert an ODM I-Wedge SDS Plus installation tool into your hammer drill, set the hammer drill to hammer only.

Step 3. Insert a pre-tied ODM-IP 1/4" I-Pin anchor into the slot of the ODM I-Wedge installation tool and hammer the anchor into the hole.

Step 4. Pull down to set the anchor.

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I-Wedge Instructions
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