12 Gauge Drop Ceiling Grid Wire

12 Gauge Drop Ceiling Grid Wire - Suspended Ceiling Hanging Wire

Hookandhanger Suspended Ceiling Wire is designed and manufactured to support drop ceiling systems. Rather than come in coils, we have listened to installers and provide this wire in ready straight-cut in 2 lengths - 4 and 6 foot. Each bundle contains 100 lengths and is ideal for professional applications.

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  1. Suspended Ceiling Grid Hanging Wire - Comes in 4' and 6' Straight Pre-cut Lengths
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12 Gauge Drop Ceiling Grid Wire from Hookandhanger

HookandHanger provides 12 gauge straight ceiling grid wire, or just ceiling wire, cut to length in 4 ft and 6 ft lengths so you don’t have to struggle straightening the coiled wire.  They are priced nicely cheap and come in packages of 100 so that makes it 400 or 600 ft of wire.  The wire pieces are ideal for suspended ceiling grid installations and will help you install your ceiling much easier and faster than before as it doesn’t have the ‘spring’ effect as with rolled wire. 

This ceiling wire is designed to secure your suspended ceiling system and is the best on the market for commercial use.  The wire pieces are specifically designed to suspend your main tees from the eye lag screws to hang the ceiling grid.  12 gauge wire is the best for ceiling grid hangers as it is strong and can hold a lot of weight.  You just have to make sure you always refer to the manufacturer’s installation and planning instructions for your acoustical or suspended ceiling tile/grid.

Make sure you hang the ceiling wire at the right location; you can use dry lines to measure where they go so you get an exactly straight and perfectly fitting ceiling grid where the tiles fit exactly in the grid.  Tying the wires is easy as long as you leave a long tail to bend up into a handle for easy wrapping.  As per code you have to wrap the tail around the wire at least 3 times within 3 inches both at the bottom and the top of the wire.  You can use wire cutters to wrap the wire so you can save your fingers. 

Hanging 12 Gauge Ceiling Wire with the Purlinmaster

The patented telescopic Triple Purlinmaster™ Extension Pole will help you a lot to hang the ceiling grid wire as you won’t need any ladders, scissor lifts or scaffolding as it comes in 3 extension lengths: 12, 18 and 24 ft.  It is a really incredible tool and does a lot more than just hang and wrap wire, it also allows you to install the eye lag screws at the same time with the ceiling grid wire.  It also installs the Doc’s® Purlin Clip at the same time as wrapping the ceiling hanging wire to the clip and all while standing safely on the ground.  You won’t need to haul the messy pre-wrapped ceiling wire any longer, the Purlinmaster will do all the work for you in one motion.

The 12 gauge ceiling grid wires must be plump (vertical) and there are a few requirements in the code as to how much you can deviate from straight vertical so make sure you are aware of this.  Also make sure you insert the dropped ceiling hanging wire in the nearest hole of the beams and tees. 

The HookandHanger pre-cut ceiling hanging wire is the best you can get on the market as together with the Triple Purlinmaster Extension Pole it really helps you to hang your ceiling grid exactly the way a suspended ceiling needs to be hung.  The ceiling grid hangers are also galvanized to protect against corrosion and damage.

Buy your pre-cut 12 gauge ceiling wire from Hookandhanger.com