Triple Lagmaster® Plus Extension Pole Tool

The Lagmaster®™ Plus is the ultimate all-in-one pole tool. The unique interchangeable plug-in heads make it the most efficient and effective tool of its kind. Use it to install ceiling wire, jack chain, threaded rod, smooth rod and a variety of fasteners safely from the ground.
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Power the Lagmaster® Plus with any 3/8" or 1/2" drill. All-in-one patented plug-in system allows you to install multiple types of fasteners to a variety of ceiling structures

  • Perfect for applications that are unfit for scissor lifts. Such as stairwells or in between ceiling tiles
  • Improves safety by keeping your employees on the ground
  • Consists of three 4' sections
  • Collapsed length is 4' 6"
  • Maximum extended length is 10' 9"
  • Black anodized aircraft quality aluminum
  • Plug-in heads are kept securely in a plastic container with custom die cut foam
  • Made in USA

INCLUDES: 7 piece accessory kit (1/4" Female Hex Plug, 5/8" Open End Hex Plug for Vertigo, 5/82 Open End Hex Plug for Sammy, 1/2" Square Socket Driver Plug, 1/2" NPT Threaded Plug, Broom Thread Plug Plug and Viper Stud Plug)

Note: LMP Base and LMP Wire Plug are included and come pre-assembled to the pole.

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